Richard Jensen

We save lives, give hope and inspiration through power of story

This story won a National Sports EMMY on ESPN

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Schools we need to stay pro-active in this fight against kids experimenting with drugs. this could be the most powerful personal story delivered across the country impacting our youth in a unique way. 2016-2017 we spoke to over 50,000 students across the country.

This is a true story about the struggle with addiction for years, today with over 14 years with out a drink or a drug i bring a lot of value when it comes to making good positive calculated choices.






  • Morning presentation to student body in auditorium or gym.
  • Afternoon discussion groups or focus groups discussing peer pleasures and presentation
  • After school a more personal session with wrestling team during season.

Our goal

Our goal in creating a full day event this is not just an assembly this program is designed in a unique way by the end of the day my story is relatable and I have taken personal time so the kids get to no me personally and understand these dangers of experimenting with drugs can destroy. The discussion groups and personal session with the wrestling team really drive the message home.

all kids get rubber “Be a Champion in Life” wristbands, and some T-Shirts for the school and positive reinforcement. kids also encouraged to follow on Instagram to stay engaged on our tours and motivation.

Program | Richard Jensen - Be a Champion In Life