My Story


I was an average student that struggled with academics, wrestling not only helped me to get through high school it gave me sense of belonging, a part of something bigger then myself. being an outsider and a kid that had trouble fitting it.

Wrestling became like medicine to me. I was an under 500 wrestler that never won a lot of matches but I enjoyed the competition and I loved being a part of the team.

Wrestling was an esteem builder for me I felt like I belonged for the first time in my life.


All through high school my dream was to become a student athlete, go to college get and education and wrestle and eventually become a teacher and coach that was my dream as long as I can remember back. Unfortunately life hard a different plan.

Once high school and wrestling was done I felt lost I experimented with drugs and it didn’t take long before I realized I was stuck in the web of addiction and I just couldn’t get out. I spent the next 15 years struggling with everything from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and methaphetamine and everything between. It became my life style and I spent 6-7 years of my life locked up behind bars. There were times I was so sick I just wanted to die.


I had attempted treatment a half a dozen times over the years I just couldn’t hang on long enough to reap the rewards of sobriety. Till one day October 10, 2003 I was really sick and strung out I got busted one more time was sent to the Oregon State Prison, shortly after I was locked I found out my mom was sick and she passed away. There was heavy guilt and shame because of the choices I made and the life I was living. I was paroled the day after Thanksgiving 2004. I lived in a homeless shelter for a month till I was excepted into a treatment program, then introduced to sober living, a mentor program and Alcoholics and narcotics anonymous. I was desperate and I believed that there was an answer here so I followed all the suggestions of the program and just Hong on one single day at a time. Today is 2015 and I have over 12 years clean and sober.



During the last 12 years of sobriety I have finished college and acquired a certificate in the automotive field, fully ASE certified in all areas. 9 years I have owned Affordable Car Doctor automotive repair shop.

At 36 years old I was able to go back and compete in wrestling for 2 years at Clackamas Community College also during this last 12 years I recognized the value in my story and realized every kid in the country needs to hear my story and the dangers of addiction. I created “Be a champion in life” I have traveled the country and shared my story at 100’s of venues from middle-high, camps, clubs and corporate motivational venues.


  • 2008 Runner up at the regional tournament National Qulifier Tournament
  • 2008 competed at the National Junior College Wrestling Tournament NJCAA’S
  • 2009 my story came out on ESPN my story won a National Sports Emmy award winner
  • 2008-2009 the Richard Jensen inspirational award was created at Clackamas Community College i was the two year recipient and the award was named after me because of the impact I had on the team.
  • 2009-2014 I placed 4 times in the top 3 in the country at the Veterans National freestyle and Greco wrestling tournament
  • 2015 I competed in Athens Greece as part of the USA Veterans Team at the World Championships
  • 2016 I won the National Folk Style Wrestling Tournament and became a National Champion.

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